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Original front cover artwork for the novel "Seeds" by J.P. de La Fontaine.


(A Novel)



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Hello, and welcome. I'm J.P. de La Fontaine, and I craft words for a living!


I'm also known for helping others to craft their words, dabbling as I do with editorial, proofreading and alpha and beta reading matters to aid their endeavours. Being paid for doing so in appropriate cases is a bonus!


I am semi-retired so get to spend a significant portion of my time researching, so moving my Works In Progress (WIP) towards the final print and distribution stage.


My first publication 'How to Self-Publish Your First Book Using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing' will be ready for sale during 2020.

My debut crime thriller novel, Seeds', will follow within the next two years, with other released works in between.


Complete the signup form further down to be notified when I release each new book, introduce a service change or have an event to share.

Something of my likes and dislikes seems appropriate at this point. My interests include stoicism, Buddhism, classical music and Gregorian chants and, of course, writing, which I find immensely rewarding and cathartic!


Some of my favourite genres and books? Well, dystopian fiction, e.g. 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, Logan’s Run, The Running Man and Animal Farm. The late Sir Terry Pratchett’s fantasy novels (notably the Discworld series). Crime and psychological thrillers, e.g. those by James Patterson and Ed McBain (S. Lombino) and those on the subject of espionage.


You will gain a greater appreciation of my writing tastes by visiting my Goodreads page.


I am a plantarian, i.e. thriving on a plant-based diet. I love my garden and the great outdoors. As yet, I do not share my home space with a cat, but am working on changing that!

 J.P. de La Fontaine



Brilliant work! An absolutely professional editor and proofreader! I'm very impressed and would recommend J.P. to anyone. And - thanks a lot for your valuable editing and proofreading tips!

Kinga F,

(Sept. 2019)

J.P. is a great proofreader, completing the job as requested to perfection. Moreover, the work was delivered on time as agreed. J.P. handled the job with respect, professionalism and passion. Recommended.

Hussain A,

(July 2019)

An excellent job! A professional and meticulous approach, and a very nice personality as a bonus! I would definitely recommend J.P.s services to others.

Alina V, 

(Sept. 2018)

It has been a pleasure working with J.P. who answered questions I raised quickly and thoroughly. J.P. is very knowledgeable about the editing profession and honest about what can be achieved. This I respect very much. Highly recommended.

Balbir C,

(Feb. 2018)

J.P. was very professional and enthusiastic to help meet my needs. J.P. is a fantastic writer and has an excellent eye for detail, and I look forward to our next collaboration.

Rhiannon C,

Unley, AU

(March 2018)

J.P. has been a very professional editor and always produces high-quality work. We will definitely work together again for the long term!

Renay F,

Scarborough, CA

(Dec. 2017)






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